November 2008
Complete Fuel Treatment

Dear Ron:
Just thought I would let you know the success I have been having since using your Complete Fuel Treatment. I have been using this in my 6.0 Itr. Ford vehicles and have not had any soot related issues with them. Before using your treatment I had tried several different fuel additives but with very limited success. Managing a fleet of 100 emergency vehicles down time is paramount, and your product has helped me meet the ever demanding needs of our business. Complete will now be our only fuel treatment used in our entire fleet. Thanks for making such good and progressive product.

Bruce T.,
Fleet Manager Rural/Metro Medical Services


Gas RX
August 2013

Ron, I am sending a short note of thanks for your help with the phase separated underground storage tank. The 20,000 gallons of ethanol gasoline was able to be used properly after a treatment of Gas RX from Enertech Labs. We removed the water from the bottom of the tank, treated with Gas Rx to remove the dissolved water and the problem was solved. All pumps worked properly and there were no complaints received from customers at all. Your product saved us time and money. Thank you for your help and great product.

Sam S.,
Nittany Oil Co.


Complete Fuel Treatment
Red Bull Race Team has been using Complete Fuel Treatment from Enertech labs in our diesel trucks for thousands of miles. Since using your product our drivers are reporting that their trucks are starting easier, running smoother and have more power. Thanks for making a product that works and that helps our trucks run better.

Tom C.,
Transportation Mgr.
Red Bull Racing Inc.


I have used the two bottles of Octaplus and was wondering if I might could purchase some more from you. My car really seems to run well on it. My trip up to Walcott I averaged about 26.5, but coming home I traveled 525 miles {all the way back to my home} & still had a quarter tank left. It averaged 30.4 on that stretch. I have since used some in my motorcycle & it goes farther & runs better with it. I would like to purchase some if I may.

Jeff H.


Polar Flow

Hi Kevin.

We are using Polar Flow product almost every day and very happy so far.
Thanks for helping us out.
Gordon Food Service


Complete Fuel Treatment
We used CFT for 1 year same buses same yearly mileage. We ordered one less 7,500 gal delivery of fuel! Enough to pay for the product and protect the engines and fuel. We figured out that the savings was just over .2 mpg. We also saw a big reduction in Injector failures

Colonial Schools, De


Complete Fuel Treatment

I was trying to find the Canadian distributer of enertech labs complete fuel treatment concentrate in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was given a bottle to try and lost the card. This product is amazing, hardly any smoke in my dodge/Cummings diesel on hard acceleration and more power and most of all large decrease in fuel consumption, I want more…. Please help…..
Thank-you in advance..


I use 1 gal. Enerflush on 16 L engines. Customers complain of oil consumption and poor performance. I put 1gal enerflush in oil then run high idle 40 minutes. Drain oil for 1hour. Refill with new oil and new oil filter.

Results-Engine smoother and quieter. Restores performance and power. Loosens sticking piston rings reducing oil consumption.

Nk service – Winnipeg MB


Johnson Waste Management
2009 Volvo with Cummins engine
Problem – Check engine light and the engine had poor power.

Treatment – This customer filled fuel filter housing with Inject-R-Clean and treated the fuel tank with InjectRclean plus Complete Fuel Treatment. They ran the truck in the lot for 45 minutes then drove the truck hard.

Results – Power returned to the truck and the check engine light turned off.
The customer stated that they were very satisfied with the results of product.


Sunrise School Division

2010 International Max Force Engine
Problem – The bus check engine light came on and the engine shut down. The bus had to be towed to school.

Treatment – This customer filled fuel filter housing with Inject-R-Clean and treated the fuel tank with InjectRclean plus Complete Fuel Treatment. They ran the truck in the lot for 45 minutes then drove the truck hard.

Result – The engine returned to normal operating procedure and the check engine light turned off.


Complete Fuel Treatment
Rural/Metro Medical Services

Eric manages a fleet of ambulances for Rural Metro and was plagued by EGR coking issues on his 6.0L Ford busses. His problem has subsided since treating his fuel with Complete Fuel Treatment. Eric commented that their inventory on EGR’s has gone from 6 on the shelf to 1 only for a backup.

Eric Swizidor Fleet Manager


Complete Fuel Treatment
Manitou Concrete

Ken has used Complete Fuel Treatment year round with great success. The fuel buyer for their group commented that Ken’s division (40 Kenworth Trucks) is the only division that has not called with a complaint concerning the fuel quality. He is also the only location that does not order ULSD Kerosene in the winter for cold weather protection. Ken uses Complete Fuel Treatment and straight #2 ULSD and has not had a gelling or freezing issue.

Ken Jeter Fleet Supervisor


Akron Central School

Joe has been using Enertech Labs Complete Fuel Treatment for many years and has not had the continuing problems seen in many other school system fleets. Joe has good clean fuel and diesel buses that run. Joe is now treating his gasoline with Octaplus Gasoline Additive due to a phase Separation issue.

Joe Asbeck – Fleet Manager

Akron Central School


Gas Rx

experienced phase separation of the Gasoline fuel tanks. This one location alone resulted in the breakdown of 18 trucks and more than $25k in vehicle repairs. The fuel companies recommend that all the fuel in the bulk tank be discarded and replaced at the DOT’s expense. Our team sampled 10 fuel sites throughout the WNY region to find 60% of the fuel tanks, gasoline and Diesel, needed remediation. All of the tanks were cleaned, treated with Gas Rx and restored back to full capacity without discarding or wasting any fuel.

NYSDOT experienced diesel engine injector failure, Enertech Labs products brought in manufacturer representatives to analyze the failure. NYSDOT was able to determine the root cause of the problem and take corrective measures. The result was to minimize the expense by changing internal procedures.


Gas Rx
Sweet Home

A routine bottom sample of the underground fuel storage tanks for Sweet Home schools uncovered phase separated Gasoline. The electronic water indicator showed very small amounts of water. When tested Enertech Labs found 2.5 inches of water. The water from the bottom of the tank was pumped and upon a second inspection Enertech Labs found that ¾ inch of water still remained. Enertech Labs returned a third time, to the school while the pump company was on site to make sure that the tanks were properly cleaned. This fuel tank was cleaned, treated with Gas Rx and restored back to full capacity.


Thaw It
National Fuel

National Fuel contacted Enertech Labs on a cold morning in the fall due to their trucks not starting. The Enertech Labs team found that the bulk tank had gelled. Enertech Labs treated the bulk tank with Thaw It, advised the fleet manager on how to treat the individual trucks with Thaw It and within a couple of hours the fleet was back in service and the problem was resolved.


Complete Fuel Treatment
Rural Metro Ambulance

EGR and Turbo Coking – Rural Metro Ambulance located in Buffalo has a large fleet of E-series diesel ambulances. Many of these, newer engine style, vehicles are equipped with devices such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and VGT turbo’s. These diesel vehicles were failing as a result of clogging or coking of these components due to incompletely burned fuels. (See attached Technical Service Bulletin). The poor quality fuels, when burned, created soot in the exhaust that would clog engine components resulting in engine failure. Enertech Labs was consulted, treatment of the fuel with Complete Fuel Treatment started and the repair problems subsided. The reliability of these crucial vehicles was greatly increased and the fleet manager was relieved to see that he and his paramedic crews could enjoy a reliable vehicle once again. (See attached testimonial)


Polar Flow & Inject-R-Clean
School Bus Driver

Recently I was given 2/32 oz bottles of Enertech products from Outboard Rebore to try on my bus; one of Inject-r-clean and one of Polarflow. My bus was hard starting and would stall when I attempted to increase the throttle. This problem has been rectified.

The other issue was the bus would almost stall when I came to a stop. It quite often had to put it in neutral. This problem is also rectified.



MB, Canada


Complete Fuel Treatment
Owner Operator

I’ve been using Enertech Complete Fuel Treatment for about two years now and thought I’d let you in on the results I’ve been experiencing using Enertech. I’ve been buying it from the Hunter Trucking location in Clearfield PA. To start i added one 32 oz bottle of Enertech to each of my 125 gal fuel tanks. First thing I noticed was my 3402e engine smoothed right out at idle. Must have really needed Enertech’s lubricating quality’s. Water in fuel has been completely dispersed without clogging fuel filters. I live in PA and we see below zero temps frequently, haven’t had to use any other fuel anti-gel additives. Ah yes, Cetane booster you can actually feel in the seat of your pants rollin down the road! Appears to have picked up .2 mpg on average. “This stuff flat out works” Actually does everything it claims to do at an affordable price. I’ve recommended Enertech to other owner operators and they are seeing similar results. Thanks for a great american made product!

Jim Kosick

Owner Operator

Ridgway PA


Gas Rx
KIA Sportage

My 2009 KIA Sportage doesn’t run well on Ethanol Gas. My car sat in my driveway for weeks because it ran rough. I poured in Gas Rx and my car was running like new in 1 hour.

Gas Rx was like magic for my car.


Rochester, NY


Owner Operator

I started using Enerfuel in my 2007 International 9900 and noticed more power in the first tank full. My cumin engine ran smoother and I noticed a .2 MPG increase on my bully dog tuner.


Kyle S.


Complete Fuel Treatment
Vanderlely Auto Powertrain – Diesel Repair Shop

My customers were changing fuel filters t 2,000-3,000 miles on a regular basis until they started treating with Complete Fuel Treatment, Now after using Complete with every fuel fill they are able to reach the normal 10,000 miles before needing to change filters.

My customers use CFT (Complete Fuel Treatment) year round.

Tom Vanderlely Jr.

Vanderlely Auto Powertrain

Ottsville, PA


NK Vehicle Repair – Diesel Repair Shop

I use Enerflush to dissolve sludge and deposits in my customer’s engines. I have seen Enerflush clean these engines improving their operation. I have repaired engines with excessive oil consumption and Engine Sludge. Enerflush reduces engine noise and returns power back to customers engines.


NK Vehicle Repair

Winnepeg, MB.


Valley Equipment – Car and Truck Repair

We use Enerflush in customer’s cars and they report better power, performance and economy right away. Enerflush is a product that I promote to all our service customers.


Valley Equipment.

Fishersville, VA


Gas Rx

I had a generator stored in my garage for over 3 years with the same old gas in it. When I finally got it running the engine was sputtering and finally stalled. I added Gas Rx to the tank and 20 minutes later it was running smooth.


Amherst, NY


Gas Rx
Home – Lawn Care

I have used Gas Rx in my mower, snowmobile, and lawn equipment and it has all of my equipment running better – Easier starting and smoother running engines. My brother in-law was going to throw away his string trimmer because it was not running. He put in Gas Rx and 20 min later it was running smooth. We use it in everything.

Ron Tallman



Gas Rx
Depew Small Engine Repair.
We Put Gas RX to the test. A customer brought in a Craftsman 5.5 hp push mower that would not run. It would run and stall, run and stall. So we added Gas Rx to the tank and started it a few times before it started to run and sputter – 15 min. later it was running smooth.

We sell Gas Rx to all of our customers.

Thanks, Brian
Depew Small Engine Repair.
Depew, NY