Protect your 2 and 4 cycle engines with GAS–RX™  Gasoline Conditioner and Stabilizer

  • Formulated to Prevent Problems with Ethanol Blended Fuels
  • Improves Combustion of Non-Ethanol Fuels
  • Removes Water
  • Smooths Out Rough Running Engines
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Stabilizes All Gasolines For Up To 2 Years
  • Lubricates Gaskets and O-Rings
  • Improves Starting & Performance
  • No Harmful Alcohols or Emulsifiers
  • Use for 2 and 4 Cycle Engines

Super Concentrated — 32 oz. Treats up to 250 Gallons

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GAS–RX™ is the all-season hi-tech treatment and conditioner that eliminates the harmful effects of water contamination in all 2 and 4 cycle engines! GAS–RX™ is an organic based, powerful fuel system stabilizer and cleaner, that helps prevent E-10 fuel Phase Separation. GAS–RX™ improves fuel efficiency, increases power, reduces emissions, and reduces engine wear. This powerful multi-purpose formula dissolves gum, varnish, and carbon deposits that distort fuel injector spray patterns and damage delicate injector and pump components. GAS–RX™ contains no harmful alcohols or emulsifiers and allows your engine to operate with all the power and efficiency it was designed to.

Smooths out rough running engines due to fuel related problems.


One quart size bottle safely treats up to 250 gallons of fuel. For best results add GAS-RX™ before every fill up, or before storing vehicles.  GAS-RX™ will eliminate its own volume of water.  For rough running and severe duty use double dose the fuel tank and run engine.  Gas RX is a no harm formula. Do not worry about over treating.  Follow dosing instructions on each bottle.  

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