Gasoline Performance Additive – For All Gasoline’s Including All Ethanol Blended Fuels. Excellent for 2 & 4 Cycle Engines. 


  • Helps Prevent Phase Separation in Ethanol Fuels
  • Fully Formulated, All Synthetic Gasoline Additive
  • Removes Water – Totally Disperses Water
  • Corrosion Protection
  • No Harmful Alcohols or Emulsifiers
  • Use for All 2 and 4 Cycle Engines
  • Excellent IVD (Intake Valve Deposit) Cleaning
  • Excellent CCD (Combustion Chamber Deposits) Cleaning
  • PFI (Port Fuel Injection) Keep Clean and Clean-Up


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OCTA PLUS™ provides excellent cleaning for carburetors, port fuel injectors, and direct injection fuel systems. Quickly cleans intake valves and combustion chamber deposits with “No Harm” formula. Improves starting, driveability, and performance of all gasoline engines. OCTA PLUS™ completely eliminates water through dispersion technology. “A” rated corrosion inhibitor to reduce engine and storage tank corrosion. OCTA PLUS™ dramatically slows sludge formation in engine oil. Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi in fuel.


Part #           Size          Per Case          Treats/container (Gal)  

11193            12 oz                 24                   30

11195            32 oz                 12                   375

11196            1 gal                   4                    1500

11196A         2.5 gal                2                    3,750

11197            5 gal                   1                    7,500

11199            55 gal                 1                    82,500

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