Hi-Tech Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Treatment and Conditioner

  • Depresses Pour Point
  • Lowers Cold Filter Plug Point
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors and Pump
  • Reduces Oxidation to Stabilize Fuel
  • Chemically Removes Water
  • Organic Based Formula
  • No Harmful Alcohols
  • Improves Fuel Atomization for More Power, GreaterEfficiency, and Reduced Emissions
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Polar Flow™is the Cold Weather Treatment to Prevent Fuel Gelling, Waxing, Fuel Line Freeze-up, Improve Fuel Efficiency, Increase Power, Reduce Emissions, Reduce Engine Wear, Stabilize Fuel, and Eliminate the Harmful Effects of Water in the Fuel. Polar Flow™uses a combination of an organic solvent and an organic polymer that significantly depresses the PP (Pour Point) and lowers the CFPP (Cold Filter Plug Point) by inhibiting the growth of wax crystal within the fuel. Without Polar Flow™wax crystals form lattices and grow together to solidify (gel) the fuel. Polar Flow™ is also a powerful fuel system cleaner. It dissolves the gum, varnish, and carbon deposits that distort fuel injector spray patterns and damage delicate injector and pump components. Cleaning these parts allows your engine to operate with all the power and efficiency that the manufacturer designed into it.

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